A Christmas of Contrasts, Part the Second



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A Christmas of Contrasts, Part the First

This year, Christmas morning took me back to when my children were little – waking up early, tearing into the brightly colored packages, squeals of excitement.

Oh, and the vomit.

Note: The following blog post does NOT contain scenes of a disturbing nature to those with weak stomachs. I promise.


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Crazy Making

I say it every year, but, really, this time I mean it — this has been our busiest Summer ever.

Not only did we have the usual stuff with kids home and hubby working (4) 10 hours days and home on Fri, but also unexpected oral surgery (and the outrageous cost), a yard sale, creating a new website, and then my work schedule changed about every other week, so had to frequently rearrange all the doctor, dentist, and orthodontist appointments I’d carefully set up.

Oh, and in between all this, I finished my novel, sent it out to beta readers, then outlined the second book and started writing.

If I wasn’t so frazzled, I’m sure I’d feel a great sense of accomplishment.

I wish you all a calm, peaceful few weeks. Hopefully, a little of that will head my way, too.


My Mostly-Multipotentialite Family


This post is in honor of Puttyfest, a world-wide celebration of Multipotentialism  September 23 – 25, organized by Emilie and her tribe over at her website, Puttylike.com “A Home for Multipotentialites.”

If you’ve read my About page, you know I consider myself a Multipotentialite. Well, it turns out both my daughters are as well. Poor Hubby, not only is he overrun by estrogen on a daily basis, he’s also the lone Specialist.

However, I believe that learning this is such a big part of our lives has actually enriched our family.


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