A Christmas of Contrasts, Part the Second



There was something different in the air this year or maybe the water.

Our extended family Christmas celebrations usually are a study in dysfunction. Not so this year. There was nary a snarky comment nor pissy attitude to be found. At least nothing of any great significance, that is. (Had to qualify that. We are not and never have been bright rays of holiday sunshine.)

No one argued over politics and, considering all the presidential garbage-slinging lately, I wonder at the amazing self-control that took. No one disparaged the kids’ favorite music icons. (I still shudder remembering the year of the Lady Gaga tirade.) No listing of every blessed ailment and impending doctor appointments, except for the one family member who’s been in the hospital. I gave them a pass this year. Oh, and no food catastrophes.

Instead, there were family stories, jokes, and – gasp! – fun and laughter.

Half way through each gathering, I got a strange feeling something was out of place. Once I pinpointed the reason, though, I ruthlessly stomped down on the feeling, fearful of jinxing the good mood.

So, Christmas with the families was actually – gotta take a breath here – nice.


I, being me, had to ask myself (much later, of course) why this Christmas Miracle occurred.

Had the Earth shifted on it’s axis?

Had we won the lottery?

Did the Buffalo Bills win a playoff spot?


Maybe we were all wiped out and just needed a little peace this year. Recently, we’ve had family members hospitalized, others have received difficult medical diagnoses, some have financial problems, and one’s car was attacked by a marauding deer.

Whatever the reasons, we were all able to take a deep breath and enjoy each other’s company. Not a bad way to close out the year.

I hope you guys survived the holiday season, however you celebrate it, and wish you all a healthy, productive 2016!


2 comments on “A Christmas of Contrasts, Part the Second

  1. D J Mills says:

    I think it was a success long in the making.

    I am still working on training my extended family. I found a harmonious calm does work if I exclude them from any activities I enjoy. 🙂

    Happy New Year. 🙂


  2. lucindalines says:

    Happy Holidays to you! I say it that way not to be politically correct but to cover all the seasons from Nov–January. And enjoy the lack of bickering. I have opted to stay apart from extended family this year just because of this “dumpster fire” (borrowed that from another blogger) of an election, I just can’t do any controversy. I normally just sit and take it and fume after I leave. This year I would have blown sky high, and I am not interested. May God be with all who are ill or hurting in anyway in your family and may you have a blessed Christmas day!!


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