A Break To Refill The Well


Just back from a long weekend spent with my husband’s family in Canada.

It’s been about five years since we last made the trip for a reunion. I was so glad to see my husband truly relax. He doesn’t get to do that often. He misses his family and reconnecting with those he hasn’t seen in years did wonders for his outlook.

A treat for all was viewing videos of family gatherings made in the 1960s. The hysterical commentary shouted out by various family members made it extra special. Even better, was that the organizers provided digital copies of the movies and other photos to each family branch so they could be distributed around the family. These days, with family members scattered all other the world, it’s a really nice thing to have.

I’ll have to mention that idea to my family. I remember sifting through boxes of photos at one of our reunions.

I didn’t bother bringing any of my writing, knowing from experience there wouldn’t be time to work on it. With all the talking, eating, and drinking I did, it was a nice break from routine. Now, I’m ready to get back to work.

Wishing us all a productive week.


2 comments on “A Break To Refill The Well

  1. D J Mills says:

    I agree that “Time Out” from the day job, whether writing, raising family, or working for someone else, is good for “refilling the well”. Glad you had a relaxing time with the in-laws. 🙂


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