Summer Chaos

Summer is mostly over and apparently that quiet break I was expecting is on backorder.


It started out with a bang this year because my oldest daughter, affectionately known as Thing1, graduated from high school. Hubby and I are over-the-moon proud of her.

Next, there was The Grad Party. It was a backyard BBQ.

As an introvert and recovering perfectionista, those two events pushed all my personal boundary issues and kept me in a flurry for weeks.

Then, for the whole week leading up to the party, I sounded like a squeaky, voice-changing teenage boy. Two days after the party, I had full-blown sinus and respiratory infections that continued for the next three weeks. It was my husband’s fault. He denies this, of course, but he had the plague before me, so it’s all on him. Though I suppose running between the house and backyard during intermittant thunderstorms on the day of our party didn’t help.

Hubby made up for his plague-carrier status by fabricating (with the help of a friend) a ginormous smoker for the party and smoked the most delicious chickens, ribs, and pork roasts for pulled pork sammies! We had lots of food, drink, good company, and, most importantly, tents, so it worked out well, just a little damp.

In the middle of this, we had college deadlines and the continuing saga of the financial aid process. *sign* I missed a couple things, though, so we scrambled to catch up. Now, though, I’m happy to say that Thing1 is all set for college.

And because Thing1 likes to wait until the time is just right, she recently took her driving test and got her license — almost two years after completing her driver ed class. Hubby and I were pulling our hair out in frustration because, at the time, she would start commuting to college in a month. It’s a joke in our family that Thing1 does everything at her own pace, but this time she cut it a bit too close for comfort. A week later, with hubby’s help, she bought a new-to-her car using the money she earned herself.

And we all lived happily every after.

The End.


* * *

I bet with all this craziness, you thought my writing suffered.

Well, ok, you’d be right, but it was only a two-week hiatus. I was a little surprised at how easy it was getting back into my routine because I usually have to force myself, kicking and screaming.

Miracles do happen, apparently.

I’m about a third of the way through my first draft of a humorous paranormal novel with the working title of Haunted Town. It started out as a short story since I was participating in Holly Lisle’s How To Write a Series course (in my abundant free time) and that was the ideal length for the course. Despite trying to limit the scope, it outgrew those boundaries.

Before I made that decision, though, I started the revision of my “short story.” What I learned from that process helped me clarify my characters, plot, and themes and realize my ending sucked because it’s a bigger story. Hopefully, the rest of the draft will have better focus because I spent the time on this now.

* * *

So, what’s happening in your world?


2 comments on “Summer Chaos

  1. D J Mills says:

    First, pat yourself on the back for getting Thing1 to fledge! 🙂 And do a happy dance. 🙂
    Second, well done on getting any writing done during that time. Can’t wait to read it. 🙂


    • E.K. Carmel says:

      Thank you! We are VERY happy she’s finally on her way to adulthood.

      I’m excited by this story and I’m determined to get it done and into readers’ hands. Not sure how soon that’ll be, but it’s going to happen.


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