Owning Only One Family TV

I am an unapologetic lover of pop culture and so this isn’t an anti-TV tirade. I stumbled on this only because we couldn’t afford multiple TVs with cable when our kids were little.

Life is weird.

Via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of smays

Via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of smays

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Deep-Fried and Loving Jane Austen

My youngest was home today with a stomach bug. After spending the day dashing up and down stairs, cleaning and re-cleaning, and answering The Summons too many times to remember, by late afternoon my mind was fried.


So, for the first time in days, I flitted about on the web, finding all kinds of mind-numbing stuff:

Tantalizing clues to the season-ending episodes of my favorite tv shows like Castle. But they didn’t have anything on the series-ending episode of Stargate Universe! They’re really workin’ it too – I cried during this weeks’ episode. The End is coming…sniff.

The powers that be are going ahead with Three and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen. (Please, somebody, make him just go away!)

Then, I ran across a quiz. 

No, not “Who’s your favorite ‘Jersey Shore’ personality?” or  “Would you rather be a: Vampire, Half-Vampire, Werewolf, or Human?” or “Do you think Lady Gaga is a man or a woman?” (There are people out there with WAY too much time on their hands.)

It was a “Which Austen heroine are you?” quiz.

I love Jane Austen’s novels. Love the snarkiness underneath the proper British manners. Love her ridiculous comic characters.

I’ve also seen so many of the movie versions, I have favorites: Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth (my all-time favorite), Persuasion with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds, Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson, and Emma with Kate Beckinsale. Hmm. I might have to dig out the DVDs.

Anyway. I HAD to take the survey.

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