Crazy Making

I say it every year, but, really, this time I mean it — this has been our busiest Summer ever.

Not only did we have the usual stuff with kids home and hubby working (4) 10 hours days and home on Fri, but also unexpected oral surgery (and the outrageous cost), a yard sale, creating a new website, and then my work schedule changed about every other week, so had to frequently rearrange all the doctor, dentist, and orthodontist appointments I’d carefully set up.

Oh, and in between all this, I finished my novel, sent it out to beta readers, then outlined the second book and started writing.

If I wasn’t so frazzled, I’m sure I’d feel a great sense of accomplishment.

I wish you all a calm, peaceful few weeks. Hopefully, a little of that will head my way, too.



What Month Is This?

This summer is going by in a flash! At least that’s the way it seems to me.

Pffftttt. Gone. See-ya.

I apologize for being AWOL here, folks. So much has been happening I’ve found it difficult to get on the internet. I haven’t been here, on Twitter (much), or reading other blogs (so sorry to the folks whose blogs I used to comment on regularly). I joined a writers’ social network and didn’t get past: “Hi, I’m E.K. Carmel and I write epic fantasy fiction…”

I’ve been reading, though, and managed to write a couple book reviews on Goodreads.

Oh, and I’ve been watching the Olympics, jumping up and down and cheering for my favorites and sometimes for athletes I’ve never heard of before, but whose personal stories are so incredible. Gotta say, it’s quite the vicarious energy boost.

And, as expected, my family has been keeping me on my toes – or at least on the roads.

Despite all that, I’ve made progress on my novel. I’m learning to grab whatever time I can early in the morning and throughout the day. Honestly, I have to because I’m fried by the time the sun goes down.

I’ve completed most of my revision course and am finally at the “cutting” stage. Yeah!!! But I have so many new scenes to write, it’s disorienting when I speed through ones that only need minor touch ups, then slow down to write new material — speed up — slow down — speed up — slow down.

I now consider it a good writing day when I emerge from my room and have to shake my head and focus before I understand what language the natives are speaking.

Anyway, I hope you all are productive and successful in whatever endeavors you are striving toward.

The Crazy Season – and a Beautiful Wedding

Oh, yes, summer is nearly upon us.  When parents say goodbye to those longer times of quiet while the children are at school.  (Or, for parents who work outside the home, make complicated care arrangements for during the day.) 

The past couple of years, I’ve let my writing slip to the side in order to take care of the more immediate crises that pop up with the kids on a daily basis.  This year, I’m working on a better plan so I can stick to a writing schedule.  Really.

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