Brass Tacks #8

I’m on a roll now.

I got 1724 words for the week, which was two and a half scenes. While last week’s total was all written in one day, this was written over the course of five days. Sadly, no Friday #writeclub on Twitter for me today. I had too much other stuff going on.

This week, I’d like to finish the lead up to the climax, which will be one and a half scenes long. Hopefully, I can get started on the climax itself.

Have a lovely weekend & Happy Easter!

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3 comments on “Brass Tacks #8

  1. D J Mills says:

    Well done on getting your word count done today. 🙂

    I planned on writing 500 words minimum per day for a 5 days each week. I actually get about 2K words written 2-3 days a week then miss the other days because of household duties etc. but I update my word count bars on my blog and can see each bar slowly move from left to right, so feel I have achieved something. Whether I complete one (or more) stories each year, it is still an achievement. And I am still having fun. 🙂


    • Happy says:

      Que#2:That&t8o17;s because they think it’s sinful – adds a little extra zing. This guy is going to ruin it for them. Quite possible for some no doubt (though unfortunate) but might also have the opposite effect!Another possibility: they have a better concept of LOVE (not sex) in the first place…But I comment only from complete inexperience.


  2. Gertie says:

    Hei!Vil bare takke for alle de inspirerende biglene/inndelgene du har lagt ut i det året som har gått, takk for at du blogger!Ønsker deg og dine et godt nytt år 2011, måtte det nye året bringe frem det beste for dere!Klem Lenemora


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