Ah, the Great Awakening!

What a glorious morning!

After a long, cold, snowy winter it’s so wonderful to be able to get outside and drink my morning cup of coffee on the front steps again.

I really, really needed it.

Unfortunately, the first thing I noticed when I got outside was a really strong oniony smell that nearly knocked me over. It comes from these beautiful plants, whose name escapes me at the moment, that are in the Allium (onion) family. Thus, the odour. But I was not to be deterred this morning.

Crickets gently serenaded. Crows set up a loud ruckus and flew off (thank goodness). And no bugs! Yet.

Strangely enough, my cat was nowhere to be seen. Or any of the other neighborhood cats. Hmm. Wonder what they’re all up to, those sly felines.

The trees are budding and soon we’ll have a beautiful lacy-white tree in our front yard. The crocuses are already blooming in white, purple, and yellow. They are always the first to bloom and are so cheerful-looking, they make me smile. Daffodils and tulips will be out soon as well. Can’t wait. I love those “tempestuous tulips” – as Judy Dench says in A Room with a View.

Earlier, on the family front, it was an amazingly quiet morning. The girls are finally getting used to my early-morning writing time. I think The Teenager prefers having the downstairs to herself. Personally, I like not having to deal with “grumpy-puss” first thing in the morning.

The Tween often needs a little push and several reminders. This, despite the fact I created a checklist of everything that needs to be done in the morning and banned tv and computer usage until it’s all done. I sometimes still find her sitting on her bed or holding a spoon above a bowl of cereal, just staring into space. In her own little world.

Ah, well.

So, how has Spring found you this year? Feeling like you’re just waking up from a long winter’s sleep, blinking and perpetually behind. Or are you bright-eyed and rarin’ to go?

Of course, you folks on the other side of the equator must be getting ready for Fall! My absolute favorite time of the year, by the way.

Whatever season it is for you, I hope you have a marvelous day!


10 comments on “Ah, the Great Awakening!

  1. Diane says:

    Yes, cold enought to sleep at night, hot enough for shorts & tshirt during the middle of the day. I love autumn. 🙂


  2. Spring has definately found us. I had an amazingly hot weekend for my birthday last weekend. It’s so lovely to see the daffodils out, the trees blooming and the whole world warming up. Now how shall we choose to bloom this spring?


    • ekcarmel says:

      How on earth did I miss your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KERRYN! It sounds like it was a beautiful day for you.

      Oo0, you do ask difficult questions! How shall we choose to bloom, indeed? I’ll have to think about that one. No, actually, I feel like I’ve been doing it already. By consistently writing. I finally hit some kind of stride and it doesn’t feel as forced. But if I miss a day (like yesterday) I don’t beat myself up about it, either.

      Of course, my children start their Spring Break (10 days) tomorrow. That’ll be a test to see how well I can keep it going. It shouldn’t effect it too badly, though, since my best writing time is early morning – when they will want to sleep in.

      Enjoy the lovely weather!


      • Thanks. It’s okay, Charlotte had your back and wished me a Happy Birthday. 🙂

        That sounds like a fantastic way to be blooming this spring. Well done you! It can be so hard not to lay the guilt trip on ourselves when we miss a day. Keep the guilt a mile away over Spring Break and enjoy the emerging sun with your family.


        • ekcarmel says:

          Phew. I’m glad somebody in my family was on the ball – ’cause it wasn’t me this time!

          I do plan on enjoying that sun, yes indeed!


  3. I’m an autumn girl. There’s just an air of expectancy during that time that I enjoy. Expectant of what I suppose depends on the person. Spring is my next favorite with the flowers and trees blooming all around. All sorts of babies being born: human, chicks, cows, horses, ducks, and kittens to name a few. Hmnn. Makes you wonder what everyone was up to over the winter. Lol.


  4. Tammy McLeod says:

    Such a pretty image for spring. I’m also a fall person.


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