Beta Readers Weigh In


I’ve gotten comments back from all my beta readers now.

This is the first time I’ve asked multiple people to read my entire manuscript. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt a little like running around naked in public. I was also curious as hell. But I behaved myself and waited patiently. My good behavior paid off because I received thoughtful, insightful, and some eye-opening comments.

Other than the expected grammar and usage mistakes, they pointed out a few things that really made me think. One involved a question of character motivation and a couple others regarded plot points that needed better explanation and/or to make a bigger impact.

All of it good stuff.

And they identified things they enjoyed and thought were good, solid story-telling, thus, shoring up my fragile ego. 😉

Their questions and comments will make this a better story and I’m excited to dive in.

A great, big ol’ “Thank You!!!” to my beta readers. (You know who you are.)

Image courtesy of Chris Plascik via Flickr Creative Commons.


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