Brass Tacks #5

Sorry I’m a day late with this post but it’s been a crazy week.

Thing 2’s musical, Shrek, was last Saturday. (The kids did an amazing job, and it was a great success.) I worked on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Thing 1’s been sick off and on for about a month, so finally convinced her to go see the doctor. (He proscribed an antibiotic but she’s still feeling like crap, so I guess it’s viral and will have to work it’s way out.) Yesterday was her birthday, so I cooked her favorite meal and baked a cake. Today, Thing 2 has a concert and then my husband and I have a retirement party to attend. Tomorrow, we have shopping in the city to do. Then, the roller coaster starts again.

My writing goals last week and what I accomplished:

1. Finish scene 37A and work on scenes 37B and C. I finished Scene 37A and some of 37B then ran into some problems. I needed to stop and think through some character issues and research a worldbuilding issue. The first was resolved but I’m still working on the worldbuilding issue. 

2. Write the next Brass Tacks post. Done

Goals for the coming week:

1. Resolve the worldbuilding issue and finish scene 37B.

2. Write the next Brass Tacks post.

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