Weird But True Science: The Interspecies Internet

Dr. Dolittle would be so proud.

In a TED Talk posted in July, scientists and researchers announced they were working on a radical idea – creating The Interspecies Internet.

This is the description from YouTube:

Apes, dolphins and elephants are animals with remarkable communication skills. Could the Internet be expanded to include sentient species like them? A new and developing idea from a panel of four great thinkers — dolphin researcher Diana Reiss, musician Peter Gabriel, internet of things visionary Neil Gershenfeld and Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet.

When I first saw the headline, I wondered what insane research our tax dollars were funding now. After watching it, though, I’m intrigued. Take a look:

What do you think? Does it sound plausible? Or do you think it’s a waste of time and money?

My family and I have a busy, busy weekend scheduled, so I may not be able to respond to comments until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!


8 comments on “Weird But True Science: The Interspecies Internet

  1. […] Weird But True Science: The Interspecies Internet. […]


  2. I agree. It seems too strange to be viable, and as with writing and many other human inventions, I tend to think that if they wanted them, they would have invented them already. But stranger things have happened, and if we are to believe in interstellar life, maybe communicating with other species here is a good starting point.


  3. ART says:

    It is interesting without doubt. But I think that these species would thank us more if we tried to save them from constant hunting and extinction. Honestly! 🙂 Thanks for the share! 🙂


  4. E.K. Carmel says:

    Thanks for the comments! It’s difficult to wrap one’s head around such a far-forward idea, but I like that someone is considering such things.


  5. The first video wasn’t about the interspecies internet? I flipped through and wasn’t able to find one about that subject but I do have and opinion. I’m all for it. I think if people see that animals such as these aren’t much different in communication than we are it will hopefully make them think twice about treating them as objects and or killing them. I’m not terribly optimistic since it hasn’t stopped us from killing and or torturing the more vulnerable amongst our own species but, what the hey? It’s worth a try. Isn’t it?


  6. Also I ran across this when I was looking for and it did make me optimistic. I really hope and pray it happens:


  7. Yeah, I see why you had trouble. It let me put it up on my facebook page the single video so it’s there if you’re interested. The video is in there somewhere that talks about growing meat and leather from cells instead of slaughtering cows, pigs, etc. Kind of awesome.


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