I CANNOT Complain

I absolutely cannot complain about anything in my life.

Not after this past week, with the Boston bombing and manhunt and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

And not after all the other tragic, senseless killings that have occurred in the past few years.

While we can’t live in daily fear, we can remember, and we can learn.

And we can choose to live our lives in the most decent way we know how.



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4 comments on “I CANNOT Complain

  1. D J Mills says:

    I agree. 🙂


    • Diane I hate to admit this but I heard about these things from you. When I’m in Maryland the news is a luxury so the first I heard of them was in the email you sent me. By then it had been a day or two. It would have been totally fake to get tore up about it by then.

      But I did say a prayer for everyone, I still do if I come across something about it. For them and those poor women in Ohio. I don’t have anything to complain about either.


  2. peterhobbs1 says:

    Maybe it is old age, but the longer I live the more cynical I get about these things. Hardened over the years perhaps, not immune to human suffering but learning to almost shrug it off as being the way it is. Sad that future generations will have this as their norm and not as the oddity it once was for us.


    • E.K. Carmel says:

      I’m starting to feel similarly. I know people who get very upset about each tragedy and they are a mess for days. Personally, I can’t afford to expend that kind of energy on something that happens more and more often and doesn’t personally effect me.

      What I do take from it, however, is that each day is important. I have a habit of living on autopilot and I need to stop it. I want to love my family and learn new things and help people and enjoy every moment I can. And be aware of it.

      “Sad that future generations will have this as their norm and not as the oddity it once was for us.”

      Yes. My thoughts exactly.


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