A Little Light Housekeeping…

…before the carnage is unleashed. Muahahahaha!

Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system.

I’m working on some changes here. (Notice I said that with a straight face. No grimaces or pretending to gag or anything immature like that.)

I felt the need for a…well…a lightening of attitude, of outlook, that sort of thing. Hence, the white background. Then I looked at my little internet home and realized the busy-ness of it annoyed me.


It’s kind of like when, during the winter, I’m stuck inside and looking at the unfinished kitchen backsplash and the crack in the ceiling that’s gotten so wide I’m worried the drywall will collapse and hurt someone, and the house smells of last night’s fish and the kids’ rooms stink of b.o. and the walls are closing in…


My point is, I periodically open all the windows in my house for a while to get rid of the stale air. Afterward, everything smells fresher and, oddly, I feel better. I’m able to settle back in and not obsess over the small stuff. (Though I have to say, I’m having a hard time trusting my husband on the ceiling crack issue.)

So, I’ll probably consolidate some things here, move some stuff around, find a new Theme. You know, clear the air, so to speak.

In the meantime, I’m also figuring out my new Kindle and Twitter. (I tell you, I’m just settin’ the world on fire with my capacity for change lately.)

I looked into ereaders for a few months, trying to figure out the buzz. I was conflicted, as I mentioned in my previous post. But, apparently, my husband was watching, because he bought me a Kindle for Christmas. (Actually, the tag said it was from our cat, Lugnut, but I know they were in cahoots.)

I felt like such a traitor…for all of about an hour.

Fact is, I’m doubling my reading. I keep my Kindle upstairs for reading in bed. (Because after 20 years of telling me it was fine I had the light on to read at night, hubby now tells me it bothers him.?!) Then, I keep a regular book downstairs during the day because I’m weening myself off the tv. So far, it works for me. And my guilt is assuaged.

At the moment, I’m borrowing Kindle books from my library because we’re poor now after Christmas and taxes. However, we have a small library system and I’m finding it hard to find the books I want to read. There’s very little in the Fantasy genre, unless it’s Urban Fantasy and even then, they don’t have any Dresden Files. How is that even possible?

So, I borrow Thrillers and Mysteries, even signed myself up on the waiting list for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – number 18 at the time. That’s a pretty popular one. Seems I’m not the only one noticing this. Publishers are limiting the number of copies for libraries and folks aren’t happy – see this interesting article here that I found through Twitter.

And, speaking of Twitter, I just finally worked up the ambition to jump in. It was time. I’m taking this business of writing seriously and Twitter is a business tool. Ok, yes, it can be a fun time-suck as well. So be it. Besides, I only get on it after my daily writing is done.


Twitter is crazy and chaotic and I can see where I might need to set a timer (I probably shouldn’t have favorited so much at first.) I’ve heard Tweetdeck might help with that, so I’m going to look into it. Any of you I haven’t already followed can find me @ekcarmel.

BTW, have you seen my progress meter? I’m in the home stretch now on my WIP! Squeeeeee!!! But, I’m pretty sure I’m going to go over my projected 9oK words, so that may be a bit premature.

I’ve gotten to the point where I ran out of pre-writing scene sentences. I had an idea for the end, but expected it would probably change as I wrote. Well, I haven’t changed my mind completely, but I’m still trying to figure out how to get there.  I’ve been doing a lot of freewriting and making lists. Which helps.

How is your writing going? Do any of you have Tweetdeck? Any tips?


6 comments on “A Little Light Housekeeping…

  1. I love the lighter look, easy on my old tired eyes. 🙂
    I use Tweetdeck to organise my twitter experience. I use FeedReader to follow all the blogs that are interesting or educational for publishing fiction. I found both Tweetdeck and FeedReader help me manage the hours I spend following others.
    Now off to follow you on Twitter. 🙂


  2. Angela/Curiocat says:

    Hey, what do you know? I got a Kindle for Christmas, too. So far I’m loving it. I have got a ton of free books from Amazon. I’m following Daily Cheap Reads that sends me an email with cheap and free reads:


    Also there is a list with some great classics and new stuff that Amazon will give Kindle readers for free. I do a lot of browsing there and got some great finds. Go to Amazon and click on Kindle ebooks. On the right side bar there is 100 Kindle books for $3.99 or less. Below that in another side bar are tabs for Top 100 Paid and Top 100 Free ebooks.


    Another thing I’ve realized is sometimes you just have to research. Amazon does not advertise all their free stuff but I look by author, genre, theme, subject, etc. You’ll be surprised what pops up.

    For instance I just searched the Top 100 Free and one of Chuck Wendig’s short stories I wanted to read was on there. Score! A general search for dragon yielded The book of Dragons for free. Yay! I’ve been wanting to read Le Mort d’Arthur by Thomas Malory forever and I searched by the title and have mercy, it was free. I’m having so much fun.

    There’s lots out there waiting to be found…


  3. Angela/Curiocat says:

    Also, yes. I have Tweetdeck. It makes life sooo much easier. It helps to Screen all those tweets very quickly keeping you from getting to immersed. Otherswise you end up in a time warp where you’ve lost weeks at a time. Lol. Tweet ya later.


    • E.K. Carmel says:

      Thanks for the tips and links. I’ll check those out. Oh, that time warp! The first couple of days I was on Twitter I seriously lost track of hours of time. The last two days I went on with a different mindset and it was easier to get out after only a few minutes. I’m definitely going to get Tweetdeck, though.


  4. Stormy says:

    – Hi Tina, i LOVE this idea, and did it ages ago when i had the studio, on my actual wall in the viewing/ordering room.Is the template changeable, as i do8t1n2#7;&’ use these sizes, and can we use our own photos ?Thanks so much your a legend !kel


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