Looking Back and Forward (and trying not to get dizzy)

I hate making resolutions and blame it on my grade school teachers. After returning from Christmas vacation, they always assigned a theme (remember those?) in which we described our New Year’s Resolution.

“My New Year’s Resolution is to be nicer to my brother and sister.” Yeah, right. That one didn’t last the day.

“This year, I’m going to work hard and get better grades.” That might have lasted a month or two.

As a kid, I think I also confused resolutions with my Catholic friends’ ideas of what they would give up for Lent.

“You’re giving up chocolate? For the whole year?!”

Despite this long-standing childhood trauma, and because the new year is an obvious point of change, I do spend a moment or two reflecting on the past year and thinking about the year to come.

2011 was the year…

…writing became more of a daily habit. While I wasn’t able to reach my goal of finishing my first draft, by the second half of the year, I put my “butt in chair” most every day. The word count wasn’t always great, but I learned to sit down and write something. Even if I cringed reading it later.

…I finally told people (other than my family) I was a writer. Writing was no longer just this thing I was learning to do in my spare time. It’s now a part of my life. A big part.

…I had to smash my husband’s dreams of livin’ the good life. I write because I love it, dammit. Not for the money.

Ideas, plans, and goals for 2012

Finish the first draft of Ancient Magic and revise it:  Big surprise, huh?

Read more:  I kept track this last year and read 19 novels. Which isn’t bad. But I could do better. Besides, I have these friends who do reading challenges and finish an outrageous number of books in a year. I’m curious to see what I could do if I put some effort into it. This has the potential added benefit of improving my writing. And it’s good material for blog posts. Win-win.

Watch less tv:  I’m rather embarrassed by my recliner-potato habits this year. I’m not 100% sure, but this might have had an effect on my writing and reading. Maybe. Anyway, I solemnly swear to carefully consider my choices before vegging out. (But I absolutely, unequivocally, flat-out refuse to give up Dr. Who.)

Survive the “end of the world” in December and party my ass off next New Year’s Eve in celebration!

Bring it on, 2012!


6 comments on “Looking Back and Forward (and trying not to get dizzy)

  1. I had to laugh at your last goal – great reason to party one’s ass off 😉 That whole 2012 and end of the world hubbub reminds me of New Years Eve 1999 and how people thought disaster would strike at midnight.

    On Monday I read a solid article about keeping resolutions. The biggest point made, in my opinion, was the goals we set have to be ones WE truly want to achieve and not those we think we “should” or those we used to want but have outgrown or simply don’t want anymore.

    I’ll be pulling for ya – especially with that finished first draft – and can’t wait to be a beta reader for you 🙂


    • ekcarmel says:

      Lol – I had intended on this post being a serious one, but I was just in a different kind of mood and this was the result.

      Yeah, I’m tired of the whole “should” way of living. I lived it most of my life and it gave me nothing but guilt and headaches. So, as long as what I want doesn’t actively hurt anyone, I’m doing it.

      Squee – a beta reader! I’ll keep you in mind. I’m warning you, though. It could take a while.

      I’m off to check out that link!


  2. I already volunteered as a beta reader, last year, or the year before. So you have two beta readers waiting … no pressure to finish! 🙂


  3. Angela/Curiocat says:

    Can’t have too many beta readers, count me in too.

    You really did a good job on your writing goals. Keep up the good work. I can commiserate about smashing your husband’s dreams. I did the thing to my husband not only for him but for me, too.

    Writing is hard work and often monetarily unrewarding. You’re better off keeping it real and staying focused on the writing. Who knows? If you do, you or any of us could be the next break out hit. 🙂


    • ekcarmel says:

      *claps hands* Another beta reader – thanks, Angela! Boy, am I lucky. I offer my services as well, though hopefully you won’t all need a beta reader at the same time.

      I’m all for keepin’ it real, though it would be a blast if we could ALL have break out hits!


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