Changing Seasons

In my little corner of the northeastern US, we enjoyed a particularly long stretch of beautiful fall weather. I’ve gotten more yard work and cleaning up of gardens done then I’ve managed to do in years. And best of all, I didn’t freeze my buns off! (Well, to be honest, if it got that cold, I wouldn’t even bother with the yard work.)

It’s not all done, though, because, in my more enthusiastic gardening days (pre-writing), I planted more than I can possibly handle now. But I also can’t bear to dig up all those plants I spent hours of love and care on.

Now, my beautiful summer flowers are gone, replaced by interesting dried flower heads and fall foliage and one sad little chrysanthemum. I really should move that poor thing.

Anyway, here are some photos. Something to look back and remember in fondness during the long, cold, dark winter to come. Brrrr.

Ornamental Pear Tree



Burning Bush



3 comments on “Changing Seasons

  1. Beautiful photos showing fall is here!


  2. You could use the first pic as a cover image if the story suited Autumn. All good pics.
    Fact, Brisbane is experiening the coldest Summer in 40 years. One day was the coldest Summer day ever since taking reaidings. I think Global Warming just got cancelled!


  3. ekcarmel says:

    Thank you for your comment last month, Angela! Boy, I just have not been on the ball here lately.

    As I was going through all my photos, I realized I had plenty of spring and summer shots, but nothing for fall or winter. I’ll see what I can get for winter. Hopefully my camera won’t freeze!

    Thank you, Diane, that’s a lovely compliment! Sorry to hear you folks haven’t had a proper warm-up this year. Maybe you will have an unusually warm fall. I know we certainly did.


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