Another “Duh” Moment

The good news is that I figured out why the writing has been so difficult for the last two weeks.

The bad news is the fix for it has cost me some time. And aggravation. And the dent in my forehead from hitting the desk. Well, ok, maybe that’s a weeee bit  of an exaggeration.

As it turns out, I followed a white rabbit down the wrong hole. No wonder the writing made me want to tear my hair out.

I scrapped a decent-sized chunk of my outline. I realized, when trying to explain the problem to my husband, the freakin’ mess didn’t jive with my worldbuilding. I was trying to make my magic system fit this cool idea I had and it just didn’t work once I delved into the writing.

So, following week 16 in Holly Lisle’s How To Think Sideways course, I printed out a hardcopy of my ms, assessed the damage, and marked it all up. Without fixing it.

Gawd, that’s such a creepy, crawly feeling. I know it’s there, in all it’s twisted glory, calling out: “Fix me. Delete me. You know you want to.”

But. I. Won’t. Touch. It.

Cross my heart.

Now, though, I have a big hole in my story. Smack in the middle. It really didn’t hurt the ending I had in mind. But how I get to the ending has now changed. To what, I’m not exactly sure. I have a couple leads, though.

Wish me luck.


10 comments on “Another “Duh” Moment

  1. I know why this happened!!! I am so sorry. It is all my fault. I am a new writer and struggling with the how to’s for my first short story, novelette. I have a plot line, a great beginning and ending, some great events to bring my character along her story . . . but I have some holes. You had to share this story so I could get going past this dam of debris. You are going through this process as a mentor for me!

    This article is the first I have read about this situation. Everyone I have talked to seems to think I have lost my mind that the story isn’t naturally flowing so it must be flawed. I am here to tell you, your story is great! You have a hole to fix, but it will be ok. I know – mine will be too. I have great faith and expectation.

    I will be following your blog . . . and waiting to applaud your success!


    • ekcarmel says:

      Thank you for stopping by and welcome! I still consider myself a bit of a newbie to writing, but I’m always looking to improve and if what I have to say helps you – fantastic!

      No, you have not lost your mind. I’ve done a whole lot of stopping and backtracking and starting up again, so believe me, it’s normal. And it’s common among other writers, too. The links at the right have some awesome writing advice if you want to learn more. I highly recommend Holly Lisle’s main link (pocket full of words is her writing diary) for a bunch of free writing advice or her paid courses.

      Keep writing.


  2. Texanne says:

    Holy cow! You made a wrong turn halfway through a novel? I never heard of such a thing!

    It may be a creepy-crawly feeling, but you’re dealing with it–so hooray for you! And hooray for your blogging about it. This does help other writers.:)TX


  3. Lol, Texanne. No need to indicate sarcasm there!

    It’s so true but the great thing is you could feel something was wrong and once you figured it out you didn’t get mired in trying to fix what you already had. It is a creepy-crawly feeling but it’s totally the most productive way to go and surely have marked it all up you know it’ll be there waiting when you are ready to revise it.

    Go you!!


    • ekcarmel says:

      I’m soooo happy I caught it pretty quickly. All it took was trying to explain it and I could see the gaping holes. Intellectually, I know it’s best to wait to revise. Hopefully, the voices will go away… 😉


  4. Ooooh! I feel your pain. I don’t know that I would have the fortitude to not fix it. Not even a post it?! Your self descipline is awesome. Go, you!


  5. Diane Mills says:

    I know the feeling looking for the problem, but also the excitement in finding and marking up the fix. Well done. Keep writing. The revision process will solve the hiccups you locate along the way.


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