A Sloggy Week

Sheesh, the writing was tough this week!

Amazingly, I didn’t miss any writing days, despite the mad rush getting ready and hosting a family BBQ. It’s just that the output for those days was very low. Luckily, I had a couple good writing days after that.

So, my grand total for the week was: 2253 words. It was such a slog to get those words, but I did it! I don’t think the mind was 100% in gear, but the butt was certainly in the chair. And on the bed. And in my comfy lounger. (Can you tell I have a hard time sitting in one place for too long?)

I decided to keep my original goal and not reconfigure my plan. Some weeks will be better than others. I’m just going to see where I end up at the end.

How is your writing coming along?


6 comments on “A Sloggy Week

  1. Diane Mills says:

    I did 1800 in 1.5 hours, but ran out of time. Hopefully, it will be better this week with my. BIC.


  2. Good on you for persevering. I was a bit up and down this week. It’s not enough to have butt in chair. If you’re mind isn’t in gear then the words and just for the sake of words and not for the purpose of story. That’s when you can be sure they’ll be the ones cut during editing.

    Good luck for achieving your goal next week!


  3. I got 50 words one day and nearly a thousand the next. I’m convinces the 50 words gave me what I needed to get more words the next time. Keep up the good work!


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