What a Difference a Week Can Make

Yes, I kicked Butt in Chair (BIC) this week!

Which is interesting, considering that around Wednesday or Thursday I wondered if I was going to actually make it at all.

I’d had only one good writing day by that point and was floundering around, trying to figure out how to write the next scenes. I was in a hazy area of my outline because I had already changed a few things as I wrote, which changed later scenes and made a couple of the them obsolete. But, once I buckled down and stopped flailing around, it began to fall in place.

It’s just kind of tough to find that quiet space in the mind where you can connect things. Ya know? My schedule and household were in a bit of chaos due to the end-of-the-school-year transition phase.

After Regents exams last week, this was our oldest daughter’s first full week of summer vacation. She was on high honor roll the whole year and my husband and I are so proud of her. So I decided to give her a bit of a breather this week to wind down.

This was also the week our younger daughter had four half-days of school. I absolutely hate that every year. Why not just end the school year two or three (full) days earlier? Something about the school getting more money from the state, no doubt.

In other words, my kids and their friends were in and out of the house all day and I was trying to make sure there was enough food and drink for everyone. And trying to remember where they all were when the friends’ parents called looking for their little darlings.


Yet, somehow I managed to get BIC and mind in gear and get 4,343 words – more than I had set for myself!

Which is great, actually, because I may need it to make up for this coming week. We have family visiting from Canada next weekend and the place is a disaster.


8 comments on “What a Difference a Week Can Make

  1. Oh my gosh. That’s fantastic that you got so many words despite a stready stream of teenagers. 🙂 I love the mind in gear (MIG?) idea. And I completely sympathise with what you went through with your story not quite coming together and then all falling into place once you worked at it. I had the same thing at the beginning of this week when I couldn’t imagine how all my story threads would all come together. I revived my faith in my muse and my abilities and in writing I came up with something that just might tie it all together. Happy writing!


  2. Diane Mills says:

    Well done. I found once I trained my muse to work once I had my BIC and the writing software open, she is happy to help. I am having two weeks off so I can watch tennis all night and sleep most of the day, and just relax once awake. I am also working out my next story in my mind and jotting down notes as I come up with cool ideas. 🙂
    Keep writing. You are doing great!


    • ekcarmel says:

      You are a dedicated tennis fan! I remember watching Martina Navratilova playing Chris Evert and Steffi Graf and then John McEnroe against Jimmy Connors. Loved it. Enjoy!

      Good luck with your new story and thanks!


  3. curiocat says:

    That’s great! And congrats on your daughter’s honor roll accomplishment.


  4. Tammy says:

    Way to go and I love your description of kicking butt in chair! Also, congratulations on your daughter’s accomplishment!


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