Not the Best Start

Ok, I’m going to have to eat some crow here: I didn’t hit my weekly word total. Instead of 3344, I wrote 3118.

Mainly it was a calculation mistake. I have my writing in three different files and I guess I made a simple addition mistake (something I get after my kids about on their homework!). So, I thought I was ahead when I took yesterday off to work on some character descriptions and other paperwork “housecleaning” and to spend some time with my kids.


I will now add the 226 words I missed onto the 3344 I need to write and that gets me to 3570 for this coming week. I guess I better get movin’!


3 comments on “Not the Best Start

  1. That is by no means a fail! Sure you did some bad maths. But you still worked on the story and a couple hundred words will be easier to get down because of it. Keep it up!


  2. I agree with Kerryn. You’ve written an awesome amount of words. Sure you were a few words short but you have nothing to beat yourself up over. You still have a goal to work for and you will make it. I can read the determination in your words. 🙂 Chin up and go for it!


  3. ekcarmel says:

    Thanks for your support, ladies!

    I didn’t mean to give the impression I was beating myself up over not reaching the exact goal. I’m quite happy with what I did write. I just knew that since I made a point of posting about it, I needed to explain.

    I’m definitely full steam ahead, but not at a pace that burns me out, either.


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