More From My Garden

Wanna know something funny?

I am a gardener.

I have allergies.

So, I plant all kinds of beautiful flowers and then have to medicate myself all summer long.

Anybody have a tissue? I feel a sneeze coming on…


4 comments on “More From My Garden

  1. curiocat says:

    Beautiful flowers. Bless you! Here’s a tissue for you:


  2. Gorgeous! What are the flowers in the second row, left picture?

    For some reason, this year I have allergies too. I was out there last week dripping equal amounts of snot and sweat LOL. (Was that TMI? hehe) The neighbors were probably having a laugh watching me dig and sneeze at the same time. Oh well. It’s too rewarding to give up over watery eyes and constant sneezing 🙂


    • ekcarmel says:

      I do the same thing – having to go in the house about every 20 minutes to blow my nose. (Yeah, I know, TMI too!)

      The flowers you asked about are called Crown Imperial Frittilarias (hope I spelled that right). I transplanted 5 plants from my grandmother and, for years, maybe 3 would bloom, different ones each year. Then, last year, every single one of them had multiple stalks and each stalk bloomed – and they did it again this year! I guess it just took them a while to get established. I love ’em, they’re unusual.


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