Cool Stuff Afoot…

Today was so dark and rainy and windy, I was thankful I didn’t have to go out in it. Perfect time to get some writing done.


I kept finding problems with my worldbuilding. It was like a domino effect. Make a change to one thing and then that requires another change to something else, and then another, etc., etc., ad nauseum. Literally.

Before I pulled my hair out and backed into a corner, whimpering, I decided to see what was out in the blogosphere. I needed something new. Something shiny…

I popped over to The Written Connection to see what new writers’ blogs they had listed. The newest one, Divine Secrets of the Writing Sisterhood, I really enjoyed. The four women of this sisterhood take turns posting, with the most recent ones including squashing those ugly rumors about publishing companies not being interested in novice writers, surviving the funk that follows querying, and an interview with a newly-published author. Very informative. I like their different “voices” and love the distinctive look of the blog.

I also saw something in their sidebar that grabbed my attention. The button read, “Join the Writers’ Platform-Building Crusade.” After all the talk of writer’s platforms everywere I turn lately, how could I NOT click on it?

Rachael Harrie, on her blog, Rach Writes, has started a crusade in which like-minded writers, who are trying to build their writing platforms, link to her website and to each other and generally cheer each other on. She also has hosted a couple of fun writing challenges. I spent some time (ok, a lot of time) checking out some of the writers’ blogs. See what it’s all about HERE.

I’m seriously considering joining. Except I don’t keep up the way I should with the writing friends I have now. How do I add, oh, about twenty more? Decisions, decisions…

And so, I end my day in a better place than it was originally heading. With much more to ponder and decisions to, well, decide on later.

I hope you find the links as interesting as I did.