Calling All Creatures of the Night

After a month of planning, decorating, and stashing of unsightly, everyday stuff, I bring you, as promised, photos of: 

The Carmel Haunted Halloween Soiree


Above the coat rack hangs a warning sign.


Eek - it's an infestation!


A mournful bouquet of twigs and gourds above and noxious potion ingredients below are watched over by a pair of beady-eyed crows.



The spiders have been busily at work...


Sustenance at last!


Our grouchy table centerpiece


Above the table bats circle and dive.


Through a doorway strobelights illuminate an enormous spider nest and evil laughter surrounds you.


Not even the bathroom is safe.


The hosts of this little soiree - the bad boy and the cop who put him away!

There were more photos, but this post is already getting long enough! This gives you some of the highlights, though. My husband cooked up a big pot of his jambalaya that was hot, hot, hot and our kids even decorated their bedrooms and hosted games and movies for their friends!

After all that, I don’t feel particularly enthusiastic about putting up the yard haunt this year. But I know there will probably be some sort of protest from the kids if we don’t. Thank goodness we have all day Sunday to do it!

Happy Halloween everyone!


8 comments on “Calling All Creatures of the Night

  1. Spook-tacular decorations! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Diane says:

    Wow! If you can decorate that good, imagine the horror stories you could write. What description you could produce just by describing your decorations. Well done!


  3. Love it, love it, love it! The ravens are my fave. I’m gonna show this post to my daughter.

    I’m not very good at decorating so usually we just display Steve (overgrown hairy spider) and George (3′ skeleton) with some cobwebs, small plastic spiders and scary signs in the windows.


  4. ekcarmel says:

    Thank you! I really do love decorating for Halloween. I have accumulated bits and pieces for years. I’ve also bought Martha Stewart and a couple other Halloween mags each year for several years now, so I’ve incorporated a little something from each.

    I got the potion bottle ideas from The Dead End and from Dead Spider . Dead Spider has some particularly awesome stuff and The Dead End is a fantastic home haunt.

    Now, if only I could have as much fun decorating for every day just as easily!


  5. That is so cool! Halloween doesn’t have the history in NZ but it’s slowly growing in popularity. Then again, who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up and scare your friends?


  6. Carrie Booth says:

    Love the decorations Eileen!!! You guys put on an awesome Halloween show…


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