So Cool

I’m excited and extremely flattered to announce… 

No, that really sounds too formal…


Let me just say, I think it’s so cool that I had my first interview as a writer.

This was for The Written Connection, “A directory for writing blogs everywhere.” While it isn’t a magazine or a newspaper, it’s an online listing of writing blogs which is, I think, a needed and valuable resource.

I’ve spent hours going through blogrolls trying to find other writers I’m similar to or that I connect with in some way. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found some amazing writing blogs that way. But this directory could save some time and frustration. Beyond the usual blog name, address, and writer’s name, is a blurb of what the blog is about, frequency of posts, sometimes an opinion regarding the style or feel of the blog and a short interview. The interview questions are a mix of general ones and those specific to the particular blog and writer.

When A.M. Kuska first asked me if she could interview me, I nearly choked. But she is a writer whose own writing blog I’ve followed (and she’s kindly reciprocated) and she made it all very easy and fun. I actually enjoyed myself.

So, I highly encourage you to check out her directory. You will find my listing here. Then, stay and look through the rest of it!


3 comments on “So Cool

  1. That is super cool!


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