Beginning of the Party Season

Really, it’s truly amazing I’m getting any writing accomplished at all, because beginning next weekend, our fall party season begins!

First up, a birthday sleepover party for our youngest daughter. Since we have a small house, the girls will be taking over the living room and probably the rest of the house, too (accompanied by cheerful grumbling from my much-put-upon and vastly-outnumbered spouse). Two days later, we will have the family party for said daughter – and hopefully the house will still be in one piece.

Next up, HALLOWEEEEEN! It’s my favorite time of the year. Hands down. This year, we are planning an adult and kid party. Other years, I’ve done kids’ parties, but this year, I felt the need for the grownups to have some fun, too. I’ll be decorating the house in haunted-manor-style and I’m having fun now planning the menu. The kids are each going to decorate their own rooms and plan appropriate holiday activities for themselves and friends (perhaps with an unexpected visit or two from the parents). Should be a great time.

On Trick or Treat night, we’ll have our ghostly cemetery set up, with a couple additions, to delight or frighten the little neighborhood darlings. Here’s a photo from last year.

After that, the other holidays start to come fast and furious – and I haven’t even begun to think about those!!!

Are you planning anything special for this fall?


10 comments on “Beginning of the Party Season

  1. Your fall activities sound fun and exciting. I have nothing planned as of yet except my nieces wedding in November. Now that you have mentioned it, I better start making those holiday decisions. Thanksgiving at my house is always a holiday staple, but the rest is all still up in the air.


  2. ekcarmel says:

    Ooo, a fall wedding – I bet the colors will be gorgeous – have a wonderful time! I hope your Thanksgiving is lovely and enjoyable, too.

    I do tend to procrastinate most of the year when it comes to planning things. But Halloween, birthdays for the kids, and Christmas I know I HAVE to plan for or I’m sorry later. My rule on those ones are “it’s never too soon to plan.”


  3. Tammy McLeod says:

    This is the time of year when our temperatures will start to get bearable again and we can go outside and turn on the grill. I can’t wait.


    • ekcarmel says:

      I sometimes forget how big this country is until someone from a different part of it tells me what their weather is like. It’s been chilly in the mornings here (40s) and my kids have been begging me to turn on the heat. But I refuse to the turn it on is September!!!


  4. Diane says:

    Good luck planning and enjoying your festivities.
    Try a Hot Fudge Cake, the link is on my blog. I am still overloaded with sugar, but it was worth every mouthfull. 🙂


  5. Oh, yay! I love Halloween, too. I used to take all the kids in our family trick or treating and was heartbroken when the last child got too old for it. Can’t wait for the grandkids. Lol.


  6. ekcarmel says:

    My youngest hasn’t yet fully embraced the fun of the creepy Halloween the way the rest of us have, so I still have a few years of family Halloween left. But, it’ll definitely feel strange once the kids have left home.


  7. cat says:

    It’s a pity that Halloween isn’t very popular here in Germany (at least in the wee town I’m living in). I love the way your front garden looks. Creepy!


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