Almost Forgot A Milestone, Again

Another typical weekend. On Saturday, I helped man my sister’s stand at the farmer’s market for a few hours. After a quick lunch, we then flew into the next town to shop for school supplies for my teenager who isn’t given a list before the beginning of the school year anymore. So, after trying to find something from the well-picked-over, nearly empty bins at the office supply store, we had to stop for something for a birthday party she was going to the next day, etc., etc. It was one of those kind of days.

I don’t tend to watch the news anymore. We just stopped our subscription to our local newspaper as one of several cost-cutting measures. I didn’t have the computer on until way later in the day. Then I saw it. It was September 11th.

How could I forget? Again?

I explained my thoughts on this milestone here last year if you care to read it.

Of course, this year has another added dimension: the furor over the possibility of a mosque being built near Ground Zero. For weeks now, the stories have been  flying fast and furious. As usual, when you mix religion with anything, you get extremely passionate responses on both sides of an issue. And miscommunication. And misinformation. I bet the person who first broke that story is sitting back and giggling with delight over the mudball he/she started rolling.

It’s so counter-productive, but inevitable. 

And depressing.


6 comments on “Almost Forgot A Milestone, Again

  1. Texanne says:

    Mom runs her TV every moment that she is awake, so I don’t get to ignore or rise above anything without hard mental work, focusing on something else. It does seem that nobody much cares about 9/11 any more, except maybe those who were personally affected by it.

    And that’s a shame, because it makes us just as vulnerable as we were then. In true human fashion, we are busy guarding against another attack just like the last one. The terrorists, of course, are busy cooking up something entirely different. Like maybe a financial meltdown, which started, when you think about it, when those planes hit those towers.
    Thanks for bringing up the subject. It needs to be discussed

    And the mudballers are giggling. I am not sure if the builders of the “community center,” or whatever they’re calling it, care whether it gets built. By causing so much pain and disagreement, they’ve already got their jollies, IMO.

    Probably very pretty weather up there now. Apples ready to pick?


  2. ekcarmel says:

    It’s been rainy and gloomy lately, but I don’t mind it. They’ve been picking some of the early varieties of apples for weeks, but starting to get some of the other ones now. Oh, I love a crisp, tart apple!

    You make several good points, Texanne, particulary about how we seem to be behind in our thinking and planning as opposed to terrorists, whose whole lives are bent on finding ever more spectacular ways to destroy. When I say “we” I mean anyone not a terrorist. It’s more than just the U.S. dealing with it.

    I’m afraid there are no simple answers to any of it.


  3. “I’m afraid there are no simple answers to any of it.”

    There are no simple answers. Taking a stand lables you in some form or fashion and the media is quick to jump on any shred of information that they can distort, sensationalize, and even contort to satisify their goal of increased ratings and bigger advertising dollars.

    Unfortunately, to voice an opinion puts you at immediate opposition and primed for attack by the opposing view. These are no longer simple times. Having a voice means having to arm yourself for an inevitable attack, be it verbal, mental, or even physical. By protecting the rights of one group you must now stamp on the rights of others. It appears there is no longer a middle ground where two sides can come together and respect each other.

    Everything has been taken to the extreme now that acts of terrorism are involved and the media loves to fan the fire. I hope they are proud of what they have done. It appears they have forgotten that we live in an atomic age. When the next war happens, no one will win.


  4. ekcarmel says:

    It’s incredibly frustrating. I feel compelled to comment on something like this and yet don’t want to go too far one way or the other, for the reasons you mentioned. I’m not sure if it’s cowardice or wisdom.

    We managed to get through the Cold War without blowing the planet out of orbit, but we’ve got different players this time and the situation isn’t as (relatively) stable as it was before. It seems like everything is balancing on a knife’s edge.


  5. You know, I had forgotten about it being 9/11 until I read yours and Texanne’s post.
    As for the Mosque, I think you’re right, whoever got that mess going is probably patting themselves on the back right now. I honestly was sick of it and stopped watching the news over a week ago which is how I missed 9/11. It should be remembered.
    Thanks to you and Texanne for the thought inspiring posts.


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