My Updated Theme

Yes, it’s still me.  I just found a new theme I love.  It’s called Coraline and all the choices for this theme are fantastic!  I highly recommend it. 

Now that I have spent entirely too much time playing with this, I have a To Do list that is getting out of control…


5 comments on “My Updated Theme

  1. I like the new theme!

    Did you decide to take down the chapters of your WIP?


  2. Texanne says:

    Sometimes I spend a lot of time playing with WordPress. But it’s good to keep up with the new themes–specially if they have features that hit your sweet spot. This is nice. As long as the white letters are heavy enough, they are okay on the black background. Some blogs with black backgrounds are painfully hard to see and to read. Nice job!


  3. ekcarmel says:

    Thank you both! I just got a little thrill in my chest when I opened it up just now. I sooo love this. I do plan on changing the header photo once in a while too.

    Yes, I did take my writing down. I stopped work on that novel and I wasn’t particularly pleased with it. I’m sorry if you didn’t get a chance to read it. I figured since I hadn’t gotten any hits on it in a long time that it was time to let it go.


  4. I love the new theme. It’s so dramatic. Makes me want to relook at mine, too.


    • ekcarmel says:

      Thanks, Angela. When it comes to visuals, I love the dramatic. There’s so much to choose from, something for everyone. I hope you find a theme you like.

      Of course, changing my theme was also procrastination rearing its ugly head…


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