Getting Sick Can Be Beneficial, But Mostly Sucks

Once I’m sick, I’m pretty much nonfunctioning , so I’m obsessed with germs and eradicating the little buggers before they get to me.  I’m sure it drives my family nuts.  But there comes a time when the little bastards overwhelm me and I have to give in…This time around, however, instead of focusing on how miserable I felt (like I usually do – I admit it, I’m a wuss), my fevered brain was working out scenes and story arcs for my WIP.  How cool is that?  Not that there was a whole lot of focus goin’ on, but it gave me some ideas.  It also gave me some real dogs, so it seems to balance out.  There was that one idea that I lost somewhere, though.  You know – the one that didn’t get written down right away and then my attention went elsewhere and I lost the thing.  I just know it was a good one, too.  Damn. 

Actually, some of it reminds me of when I was in college and woke up with a hangover and read something I had written when I was drunk.  I thought it was brilliant  and world-changing the night before.  But in the light of day, it seemed more like those unintelligible prophesies from the Oracle of Delphi that were so confusing they had to be “interpreted.”  (I found it cool when I watched a tv show that explained the priestesses were actually sniffing poisonous gas.  Here’s a USA Today article about it.)

So.  I’m back and making progress.  I’m able to finally see a bit further into my novel, so was able to write out a whole bunch of index cards.  This really is taking forever, but I’m NOT giving up.


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2 comments on “Getting Sick Can Be Beneficial, But Mostly Sucks

  1. Leah says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! And yes, we’ve all had an idea slip away before we could put pen to paper. However, I’ve discovered if that idea wanted to turn into a story bad enough, it will resurface at some point down the road.


  2. ekcarmel says:

    Thank you.

    Intellectually I understand the concept of the good idea popping back up again, but I have a hard time getting my gut to agree with my head on this one.


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