Jack, the Pumpkin King


Yes, indeed, the big addition to our yard haunt this year was Jack Skellington!  The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my oldest daughter’s favorite movies and she requested that we add Jack to the haunt.  My husband, daughter, and I spent approximately 60 hours creating Jack, most of it spent on the 4-stage molding process for his head.  We are extremely happy with the result and, in the dark, he really popped (see below)!  We had many compliments and all the hard work was really worth it.


Our yard haunt is basically a cemetary, which we’ve been adding to each year.  It’s starting to fill out a bit and we have plans for additions for next year already in mind.





We bought extra lighting this year and I think it makes a big difference.  In the front row, we have three lawn flood lights that have spikes you push into the ground and in the back row, my husband mounted a double flood light onto a wood base. 


You can see the wind really fills out our flying ghost.  On Halloween day we had a series of storms sweep through the area and the wind was terrible.  We had to add supporting wires to Jack and the headstones so they wouldn’t get blown over.  It kept us from using our fog machine (again), which would have set everything nicely.  But, my inexpensive flying ghost made with styrofoam boards, pvc pipe, skeleton head and hands, and lots and lots of the cheapest garbage bags I could buy, continues to be a big hit.  We also set up my daughter’s laptop and speakers to play music out a window – The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack and Midnight Syndicate. 

So, what do you think? 



2 comments on “Jack, the Pumpkin King

  1. Kerryn says:

    So cool! Halloween is much bigger in the UK than NZ. We were in Edinburgh and enjoyed seeing people dressed up and the Halloween parties in bars, etc.


  2. ekcarmel says:

    Kerryn – I’m glad you liked the picts! It’s cool to see how other countries view Halloween. It always seems like the US goes absolutely crazy over every holiday. I sometimes get sick of all the overboard commercialism. But Halloween (and Christmas as a very close second) is my favorite holiday and has been since I was a kid.


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