As much as I love my daughters, I heave a sigh of relief (along with other parents, I’m sure) when the little darlings go back to school.  I really wish I was one of those writers who, in the middle of a hurricane or tornado with the wind whipping and cars flying around the house, can look up and say, “huh?!”.  While I have gotten better in my ability to jot down scene ideas and character traits in between feeding the cat, answering the phone, refereeing squabbles, “what’s for dinner?” and the inevitable, “eewwww, I hate that!”,  I still have a long way to go.  As my mother always used to say, “practice makes perfect.”  Grrrr. 


Unfortunately, with the Labor Day holiday weekend here, I did not get a whole lot of writing accomplished, at least I didn’t think so.  But when I tallied it all up, I managed 1086 words!  Granted, it was over four days, but I actually DID it.  This is new for me.  I’ve never been a sit-down-every-day-and-pound-it-out kind of writer.  My story is with me all the time now, just sort of sitting lightly on my skin.  Ready for when I need it.

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