Sweet Spot Map

This is for the novel I started in the How to Think Sideways course. I did my initial “lightly done” worldbuilding and starting to write the story, but couldn’t continue. Something didn’t feel right and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. For some time now I tried to force myself to get writing done – and it just wasn’t working.

I modeled my world after ancient Mesopotamia. Recently, while doing research I discovered a couple tidbits of info. that got me unstuck. So, I’m all revved up and back on the road!

I’m starting things off with a list of concepts from my Sweet Spot Maps that will be touched on in my novel:

Ancient cultures
Religions not my own
Life or death struggles
Doorways between this world and another
Rich patterns
Politicians/authorities – corruption
What happens after death
Loss of everything – family, love, respect, control
Lying and liers
Depression and self-pity
Dark, unknown spaces

This seems like a lot. I might pare it down as I go, but those are the sort of things that are pinging around in my head right now.

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2 comments on “Sweet Spot Map

  1. anschau says:

    Interesting elements in your sweet-spot map for this story. I don’t think it matters how many you have though I suspect you couldn’t go deeply into all of them. Maybe on our two of the most important and for the rest you can just touch on them when you need them.


  2. driftsmoke says:

    I like the idea of keys. They fascinate me. I have a piece of furniture that came with two skeleton keys. I think they’re the big reason I bought it.

    The what happens after death idea catches my eye, too. I, personally, am very curious about this. I think I’ll be terribly disappointed if I just wink out or if everyone is a jerk in the afterlife.


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