My Protagonist

Kara is my protagonist. I’ve really struggled with where to begin my story. My original idea was to begin later in her life, but in trying to do my Dot and Line and Character Pre-Plan, I’ve found some rich scene ideas. I might simply have to write them to get them down on paper, but maybe not include them in the story itself.

Anyway, this is what I have for Kara:

Mother died in childbirth when Kara was very young. Mother introduced her to the worship of the Goddess Yanara.
Her father sold her and her brothers into slavery to pay off his debts.
Because of the loss of her family, Kara desperately wants to belong to a family and have security, love and a home.
She is tormented by her master’s son and develops clausterphobia as a result of being locked in a storage bin.
During the Children’s Festival, she is chosen by the Goddess Yanara to be a priestess in her temple.
She is one of the few people who can communicate directly with the gods.
Because of her own slavery, she is always kind to slaves and servants, and hates it when they are treated badly.
She is a natural “Threshold” – My muse threw this one at me and I still haven’t figured it all out yet. (Thresholds are a part of my magic system. They are things, not people, so my Muse needs to enlighten me on that one.)

As to her personality, she hasn’t been very talkative, though I managed to get a couple things. She has some of her father’s restless and reckless nature. She felt most free and alive when running wild and playing with her brothers. Though she loved her mother dearly, she felt stifled in her home. When she was young, she was very outgoing and knew all her neighbors, but her slavery changed that.

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4 comments on “My Protagonist

  1. driftsmoke says:

    I’m interested in your character. Sometimes I can get a sense of my own character’s personalities if I can try to picture them doing something and imagine what it would feel like to be that character. I imagine what their clothes would feel like on their skin, etc., etc., etc.

    As for the threshold…hmmm. How about this? I have a high threshold of pain, which means I can take a lot without flinching. If Kara has a natural threshold, it might be a place that holds something. Magical oomph? A place a god can rest inside her and visit the earth? A place she can trap some essence of other people?

    Anyway, she sounds like she might be a tough character, and I like tough characters.


  2. cat says:

    You can also fit some of the scenes in as very short flashbacks (eg. remembering the feeling of what it’s like to sit in a small, dark room or dreaming of the carefree days with her brothers)

    She sounds like a great protag. How will her character change throughout the novel?


  3. Kerryn says:

    I love that she’s not just claustrophobic, but claustrophobic because of a particular experience. Her being a “threshold” sounds very intriguing and a great way to link character, magic and plot.


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