Good Riddance Winter, Hello New Project

Whew. Am I glad Winter is over.

Of course, as I’m writing this, we went from sunny and warm the last few days to rain, sleet, and snow today. Yuck! But that’s western N.Y. for you.

Thank You

Thank you to those who sent get well wishes to my family and I. We had about a month and a half of someone (and usually more than one at a time) sick with colds, lingering coughs, and other maladies. Round after round of it. Needless to say, it’s taking me a little while to catch up with things.

Though illness wasn’t the only reason I’m behind…

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Nothing But Sick People Here

Taking a brief moment to apologize for my non-existence lately.

My family has been suffering from waves of illness. No sooner do I get one batch  (and/or myself) over the plague and start to catch up, than the next wave hits. This could last a while, folks. So, if you don’t hear from me, you know I’m either in bed feeling like death warmed over or taking care of someone else who feels that way.

I cannot wait until this winter is OVER!

Take care and I hope you stay well and warm.

Smashing Through the Holiday Blues

*** New update located below the post. ***

Just before Thanksgiving I start to feel it. At first, it’s just a dark, looming cloud on the horizon. Pretty soon, everywhere I turn, Christmas songs play and perky sales people are in my face. Plans are made for holiday meals with the family. The weight of the “happiest time of the year” hits and all I want is to crawl into bed.


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