First Draft Finished

Excitement (July 2011)

I’m so out-of-my-mind excited to announce I’ve completed the first draft of my new paranormal novel with the working title Haunted Town.

One thing that just blows my mind – what a different writing experience this one has been!

I bit off way more than I could chew with my first novel. It was epic fantasy, with lots of moving parts, and it was loooong. Well, epic, right? The first draft took me over a year to write, while I was taking a writing course. I then revised for the next 4 or 5 years. I wrestled with that thing way longer than I should have, ended up hating it, and just stopped.

Haunted Town is shorter, from only one point of view, and tells a smaller story. See, I learned something! I started planning it in February, started writing in March, and 8 months, 9 days later, the first draft is complete.

Obviously, the first one was my learning novel. With Haunted Town, I already considered myself a writer (psychologically important), had developed decent writing skills (and continually learning more) and a writing habit (that may be the most important thing, actually). The subject matter is lighter, with humor, and I enjoyed writing most of it. Sure there were sloggy days in the middle. Overall, though, this was a much more positive experience.

So, now I’m giving myself some time to play around with a short story idea and a couple other things. Then, it’s on to revision.

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My Mostly-Multipotentialite Family


This post is in honor of Puttyfest, a world-wide celebration of Multipotentialism  September 23 – 25, organized by Emilie and her tribe over at her website, “A Home for Multipotentialites.”

If you’ve read my About page, you know I consider myself a Multipotentialite. Well, it turns out both my daughters are as well. Poor Hubby, not only is he overrun by estrogen on a daily basis, he’s also the lone Specialist.

However, I believe that learning this is such a big part of our lives has actually enriched our family.


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Five Ways To Snap Yourself Out Of The Blues

FlickrSadWe all get them once in a while:

The Blahs – when you and your world feel “off,” not normal, and you’re not sure why.

The Sads – when you are unhappy or disappointed by something specific.

Down in the Dumps – you feel unworthy and dejected due to a particular reason.

This is not about depression. That’s beyond the scope of my expertise. I’m talking temporary and (mostly) specific here. Feelings that last a day or two, maybe a week at the most.

For me, The Blues started a particular cycle. I’d let my feelings take over to the point I’d lash out at everyone around me. After the raging bitch was gone, remorse set in, and I’d apologize. We’d go along happily for a while and then the fun would start again.

After enough years of this highly unproductive cycle, I realized what a waste of time and energy it was.

Something needed to change.

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Spectral Sightings Begins


My current writing project is a paranormal novel featuring a haunted town. I think I’ve mentioned that before, right?

As I research all things ghostly, I find some interesting stuff. Whether informative, creepy, silly, or downright suspicious, it’s all fodder for the imagination.

So, to keep you folks entertained, I’m starting a regular feature, Spectral Sightings, to post some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them!

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